THEMED CHILDREN'S PARTY ENTERTAINER - 1hr   "The Best Kid's Party "  If you want lots of fun and action at your Kids Party then let our Themed Children's Entertainer keep them busy with a programme of games and activities specifically planned for your Child's Party to suit the number of children at the party, the age group and the mix of boys and girls.                       

Girls Party

Girls Party Entertainers- Perfect for all ages - whether your Birthday Girl is Girly or a Tom Boy, we have a wide range of Girls Parties to choose from - Here are some of our favourite themes for Girls: Princess, Fairy, Mermaid, Disco, Ballerina, Hello Kitty, Slumber Party or Pandora's Pamper & Fashion. Or if you have boys coming to - then why not try our Fairy & Pirate Theme, Princess & Prince/Knight Party or Superhero Party with our Super-Girl

Boys Party

Boys Party Entertainer - We have the best range of Male Entertainers for your Birthday Boys party. Whether your Birthday Boy is into Action Packed or Themed Parties - we have the party theme ideal for your party. Themes include; Space, Knights, Pirates, Army based, Action & Adventure, Super Heroes, Cowboys and Sports. If you have girls coming to your party too - this is no problem why not try a Pirates & Fairy Party, Knight's & Princess Party or Superhero Party with our Super Girl & Super Boy!

Party for Boys & Girls

We have the best range of Children's Entertainers For Boys and Girls- Choose from a wide range of Great Party Entertainers for Boys & Girls including popular themes: Angry Bird, Moshi Monsters, Pirates, Animals including Spotty Dog, Tigger and Animal Sports Day. We find that most parties have a mix of boys and girls so all our entertainers are trained to deal with mixed parties - you do not need to worry about the boys getting bored! The best range of Themed Parties for Boys and Girls.      

Party for Young Kids

Kids' Party Entertainer For Young Kids - Choose from a range of Great Party Entertainers for young Kids. We know that little ones (4's and under) like to have a party but sometimes do not want something over an hour! Our fantastic entertainers are specifically trained to deal with 3-4's and sing songs, do role-play and play simple games all in a theme to suit your party! Why not try  – Micky, Minnie, Buzz, Fireman as well as lots of Animal Themes.   The best range of Themed Parties for Young Kids.   

Party for Older Kids

Kids' Party Entertainer For Older Kids- Choose from a range of Great Party Entertainers Older Kids – Angry Bird, Celebrity Disco, Sporty Sam, Super Spy07...   The best range of Themed Parties for Older Kids.  

Party Pairs- Princesses, Animals, Super Heroes,,,

Children's Party Entertainer Pairs- Choose from a range of Great Party Entertainers for Boys & Girls –When you have a lot of guests, or can’t make up your mind why not go for 2 Themed Characters, either a pair such as Buzz and Jessie, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Pirate and Mermaid.  The best range of Themed Parties for Boys and Girls.     

Seasonal Kids Party

Children's Party Entertainer For a fun Seasonal Party  -Whatever the season or celebration Children's Themed Parties has the perfect Kids' Party.  Choose from a range of Summer, Halloween, Winter and Spring Kids' Party Themes or the best children's party. 


Choose from a host of Children's Party Themes: Princess, Pirate, Fairy, Mermaid, Star Wars, Moshi Monster, Angry Bird, Super Heroes, Disco, Animals and loads more...

Areas We Cover

Children's Themed Parties entertainer at kids' parties in Surrey, Hampshire. Berkshire, Middlesex, West Sussex, South Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire.   These are some of the towns we go to: