Character Pairs for Girls

Every little girl’s dream is to Dance at the Ball with her Prince Charming so why not invite them to the party…..   Or try one of our other pairs – Pirate & Mermaid; Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder, Twinkerbell & Captain Hook, Disney Princesses, or even a Trio - Alice, The White Rabbit & The Queen of Hearts

This option particularly suits when you're having a party for 2 or more birthday kids when each wants a totally different character - even if its Fairy Rosebud and Barbi Girl!
Take a look at our Dancing Princesses: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D31lu5FkD7I&NR=1

Our Event Parties can also be hosted by 2 Characters including our 'Make Me a Princess' Party and Mystical Mermaid Make-Over Event Party.  

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I just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for the fantastic party on Sunday. My daughter and all her friends had a wonderful time with Ballerina Beth and Disco Dotti and despite the original ‘Beth’ being ill on the day the party was went without a hitch! You would never have known there was a problem. You were all punctual, professional and perfect! I must also tell you how impressed all the parents who stayed at the party were. Word sure travels fast, by the end of the next day parents were stopping me at the school gates to say they had heard what a wonderful party my daughter had! Even her teacher had been filled in on the details of the party by the girls that day! So, once again well done and a massive thank you from my daughter too!

Tania Burgess, Thatcham