SuperHero Supertime

Your choice of Super Hero Character will arrive with a big selection of Super Hero costumes to transform the kids into Super Heroes too.  Children get 'Special Powers' from the Casket of Powers and play lively adventure games leading to the 'SuperHero SuperTime' Contest to find the most powerful superhero in the world!

Spiderman, Avenger Captain America or Iron Man, Red Power Ranger, Black Power Ranger, Optimus Prime, Mr Incredible, Cat Woman or Supergirl can host this party.

2 hours of fun with equipment, music, costumes, prizes for all, soft chewy sweets, a small gift for the birthday child and invitations.

Call us on 01252 682500 or Contact Us as Above to Book 

I would like to say the Spiderman party you hosted for my son last month on 26th was excellent. All the children had a fantastic time and so many of the parents have taken your details and I am sure have been viewing your website and hopefully will put some bookings forward. We will definitely be using you again next year.

Naideeda Ali, Oxford

Would you please thank our Super Hero for a great party.  It’s the first party I’ve had where there was no fighting or moaning.  The kids had a great time – and I owe it all to a man in a black suit leaping around my lounge – if only everything was that simple!!  

Sarah Harding- Twickenham