My Little Princess/Pirate Puppy Party

Our latest Craft Activity Party - our entertainer can come dressed as Spotty Dog, Grommit or any of our Themed Characters including Princess or Pirate, and take the children through a programme of Puppy games & activities.

Each child will 'personalise' their own puppy as a Princess or Pirate, by making its own  coat/scarf and tiara/pirate patch.  Then children get to play games and activities with their puppies and then take them home (great Take Home Gift). 

Your entertainer will bring all equipment for the party including suitable puppies music and music player, prizes for all the children, soft chewy sweets (as long as you don't mind), a pass the parcel, a small gift for the birthday child and we will send invitations to you before the party.   

Puppies- £5.99 each.: 8-9inches approx. Posh Puppy is suitable for age 3+ (suits 0+ when all trimmings are removed).  Also available Pink & White Poodle Puppies @ £5.50 each 

Call for more info about this party! Puppies at £5.99 each make a great take home gift. NB Puppies are suitable for all ages, but detachable parts should be removed before giving to children under 3 years. 

Call us on 01252 682500 or Contact Us as Above to Book

We were also very impressed with the quality (and cuteness!) of the puppies and several mums have reported that their daughters took them to bed with them and a few even smuggled them into their school bookbags on Monday morning!     
Mrs P, Esher